“I wanted to share my experience with my Wilson™ Recorder and with the Company Owner.  I met Ed on a vacation and was impressed with his down to earth character, true passion for his company and the products they sell and dedication to his customers.  I have a Wilson™ 12 hour recorder and truly love it, you can say it’s a real life saver.  I would go to doctor appointments and could never remember what the doctor had said. It’s not good when you can’t remember what the doctor says is wrong, what meds he is prescribing or possible outcomes.  My husband would always ask me what the doctor said and I could not remember- not a problem anymore.  I take my Wilson™ in with me and play it back to my husband when I get home.  Another thing I like to do with my Wilson™ is record my African Gray Parrot, Abbey.  No one believed how she orders me around but now the proof is on the recorder.

Thanks for coming up with such great products and offering them for such reasonable prices, I recommend your products all the time.”

C. Van W.Clyde, Michigan


“I love my Wilson™! I never forget important information anymore.”

Mary C.Farmington Hills, Michigan


“A great product and a great price.  I bought four to give to my friends.”

Al L. La Jolla, Californiadd


“I’m a Real Estate Agent.  I use my Wilson™ every day.”

Maggie J.Atlanta, Georgia


“I just wanted to tell you how The Wilson saved the day for my client.  I am a Real Estate agent and my client was trying to get approved for a rental house.  His current landlord was needed to verify his rental history, and he was out of the county without easy phone access. Unfortunately, he left the message on my phone instead of the new landlord’s phone.  The deal was about to fall apart until I realized that I could record the message on my Wilson™, downloaded it to my computer and email the voice mail to the right person.  It worked perfectly, my client was approved and my commission was well earned.  I use my Wilson everyday while I am driving; it’s much safer than trying to write while I am driving.  Thanks for inventing such a great product!”

Jim L.Scottsdale, Arizona


“Hi Ed,
Just had a phone call from a woman in Wisconsin who bought a Wilson™ about a month ago.  She was excited telling me about how wonderful and useful she thinks it is.  She likes to walk five miles a day with her guide dog.  Still, there are radio programs that are on at the time she likes to walk. So, she sets the wilson near her radio while she poochie are out walking. Then she listens at her convenience.  Also, she is some sort of political activist and likes to record news stories about what her group or “the other guys” are doing.  Thought you might like to know how your product is being used.”

FredLouisville, Kentucky